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Design without limits. Nanotex provides freedom, function and beauty.

Nanotex, powered by Crypton, offers superior spill and stain resistance coupled with remarkable performance and durability. It protects your designs from life’s little mishaps while maintaining the fabric’s natural hand and breathability. In short, Nanotex enables you to design without limits, to specify the performance you need on the fabrics you want, while making sure it remains beautiful – for years!

Through application of advanced physics, combining the principles of electronegativity, surface energy, covalent bonding and crosslinking polymers, Nanotex permanently bonds to and protects each fiber. What’s more, Nanotex is environmentally friendly and uses no formaldehyde, PFOA or VOCs. It extends the life of the fabric by enhancing durability but will not impact its recyclability.

Nanotex is a Crypton Company. The leader in the performance textile space, Crypton is known for setting and maintaining the highest performance standards, ongoing innovation, immediate market response, and sustainability. In short, it is known for Fabric Intelligence.

Maintaining the highest level of quality and performance; Crypton’s team of scientists monitor, test, and engineer Nanotex chemistry specific to each fabrics’ fiber content to ensure lasting performance. We understand fabric, fibers and know how to make each fabric perform at its best.

All Nanotex is processed at Crypton’s Kings Mountain plant on state-of-the-art equipment. Backed by Crypton’s strict quality and control assurances, testing and technology expertise, enhanced performance, and dedicated customer service team.



Heather Prescott
Nanotex Customer Service Representative

Terry Varner
Nanotex Account Mgr./Plant Trials/Technical Questions

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